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Basic Techniques Used in Oil Painting

oil painting

Basic Techniques Used in Oil Painting

Oil paintings are art pieces that are created with oil paints in the form of an oil on canvas or other similar medium. Oil painting has several distinct techniques that are used when creating an oil painting. Oil painting is a highly creative and artistic art form that is usually created by an individual who is artistic, a writer, or a painter. A wide variety of tools are used in oil painting to create a unique and creative masterpiece of art.

The technique of oil painting involves painting with various pigments and a medium that are either water or oil based. Usually most common drying oils are linseed oil, safflower oil, walnut oil and poppy seed oil. The choice of oil usually adds a certain amount of coloration or drying time to the oil painting. It also adds a specific amount of color or shade to the painting. The most common oil used in oil painting is linseed oil but it can be easily substituted for other oils that will add a more similar look and feel.

The process of oil painting is generally done with a palette knife that is commonly referred to as an Emery board. The artist may also use a paint brush depending on the type of colors that he is using in his oil painting. The brushes that are used in oil painting do not have a single tip or stroke length, but there are a number of different types of brushes. Most of these brushes consist of a single long stroke with multiple thin strokes at different angles that can be used to paint different areas of the painting. Oil paintings that consist of many layers of pigments tend to use a brush that is made from a combination of various types of fibers and bristles. The bristles of the brush are usually made from synthetic fibers and there are other types of bristles that may be used that consist of natural fibers. These synthetic bristles tend to dry faster than the natural fibers and create a more consistent texture to the final finish of the painting.

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